linen duvet cover Silver Birch beige

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Warm beige linen duvet cover with a delicate melange structure. This makes the colour appear three-dimensional. The duvet cover is fastened with snap fasteners and has a decorative placket at chest level. Sleeping in linen bedding provides stress reduction, relaxation and breathing for the skin. All MOANA sheets are made of 100% linen. Our linen is specially refined, softened and washed to provide a gentle touch. No ironing is required. After washing, just shake well, hang and ready. Drying in the tumble dryer at low speed (preferably 600) will make the linen soften the touch with time.

100% natural washed, softened European flax

fabric weight 154/m2

colour: warm beige melange

press button closure

delivery time max 14 days


Washing and care instructions for the product

Laundry and spinning delicate, max 60′ C. Do not dry-clean.

Our linen is specially refined to provide a gentle touch. No ironing required. After washing, you just need to shake it well, hang it and you’re done. Remember, to avoid creases, spin at max. 400-600 rpm. Drying in the dryer at low rpm will make the linen soften the touch with time.



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