we want to live healthy.

We believe that a good sleep environment affects the quality of life and well-being. As a natural fiber, linen has exceptional pro-health properties : it prevents the growth of bacteria and mites. It absorbs moisture and does not irritate the skin. It cools in summer and warms in winter.

the environment matters to us.

We don’t like wasting things. In the era of ubiquitous consumerism and throwing things away, we create a product that allows you to enjoy it for a long time and leaves the smallest possible mark on the environment. That is why we have also invented packaging that will serve various purposes. Store clothes, shoes, cosmetics and even bread in it. The ideas can be endless.

quality is important.

That is why we do not compromise, and create the product out of passion . We pride ourselves on producing locally. Our ambition is to create an outstanding product.

sustainable design.

By creating conscious design , we can better care for natural resources and the environment.

Linen is biodegradable. Less water is used to produce linen fabric than to produce any other fibers.